Well drilling is an essential part of many residential and commercial projects, and it’s crucial to understand the different techniques involved to ensure the best possible outcome. A well-designed and installed well system provides a reliable source of clean and safe water for your home or business. So, let’s discuss the various well-drilling techniques commonly used in residential and commercial projects right from the pros!

1. Rotary Drilling Technique

The rotary drilling technique is one of the most common drilling techniques used in residential and commercial projects. In this technique, a large drill bit with sharp teeth is used to cut through the soil and rock layers. 

The drill bit rotates and grinds the rock while a drilling fluid is pumped down the hole to cool and lubricate the drill bit. The drilling fluid also carries the rock debris back up to the surface, where it is collected and removed.

2. Auger Drilling Technique

Auger drilling is a technique that uses large-diameter drills to bore through soil and soft rocks. The augers are rotated into the ground, and as they dig deeper, additional drills are added to the top to increase their length. This method is commonly used for shallow wells or soil testing.

3. Percussion Drilling

Percussion drilling involves the use of specialized equipment to hammer the drill bit repeatedly into the ground. The hammering effect loosens the soil, and the drill bit itself functions like a scoop, collecting the debris. Percussion drilling is best suited for wells around 200 feet deep or less.

4. Horizontal Drilling

Are you looking to install underground cables, conduits, or pipes? Our Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) process is the solution you need. It’s cost-effective and minimizes disruption to the surrounding landscape. From water lines to utility lines, Easterday-Wilson offers reliable HDD services for various applications.

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