Water wells are an essential source of clean and reliable water in many areas. However, maintaining a water well can be a challenging task that requires some expertise. Fortunately, there are experts out there with years of experience in water well maintenance, repair, and installation. 

Keep these valuable tips from the pros in mind in order to help you keep your well in tip-top shape.

1. Regular Maintenance is Essential

One of the most important pieces of advice from our pros is to make sure that your well gets regularly serviced by professionals. It is recommended that you have your well professionally inspected at least once a year. Regular maintenance will ensure that your pump, pressure tank, and other critical components are functioning correctly. It can also help identify any potential issues early on before they become more significant problems.

2. Understanding Your Water Well System

To ensure that your well is always in good shape, you should have a basic understanding of how it works—knowing how your well system works will help you identify issues early on, such as reduced water pressure or discolored water. In the long run, this could save you a lot of money on costly repairs or well replacement.

3. Protect Your Well

Protecting your well is vital and includes setting up barriers that keep unwanted contaminants from getting into your water supply. If you have a well, make sure that any hazardous materials, such as oil, pesticides, or fertilizers, are securely stored far away from the well. Also, avoid the use of harmful chemicals around your well.

4. Ensure Proper Drilling Procedures

The proper drilling procedures are critical in ensuring the longevity of your well system. It is essential to choose a professional that uses the right drilling equipment and methods to dig your well. The process of drilling the well should be clean and precise.

5. Water Treatment

If you find that the quality of your water is poor or has a strange taste or odor, contact a professional immediately. Ignoring potential issues with water quality can have serious health implications that could have been easily avoided. A water treatment professional can help identify and resolve any water-quality issues your water system may have.

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