Why Does My Water Taste Bad?

You want your water to be refreshing and clear, not gross and contaminated! If you have noticed recently that your tap water doesn’t taste right, you could have a pollutant in your water system. This is unsafe for you and your family, and raises those grocery bills since you’ll have to spend more money on bottled water. Here are some of the reasons for your bad tasting water and what you can do to solve this problem. 

Bacteria Buildup

You could be dealing with some bacteria that has entered your system. Bacteria can get in through surface water when it leaks into damaged parts of your well, or through incorrectly installed pitless adapters and well casting. Depending on what kind of bacteria you’re dealing with, a water service professional can assess the situation and offer deep cleaning solutions

Hydrogen Sulfide

Sometimes it’s not just a bad taste you’re dealing with. If your water also smells strange, you could be dealing with a hydrogen sulfide issue. It’s a kind of corrosive compound that really should not be ingested. If you smell any kind of rotten egg odor coming from your water, you should call your local water service company for treatment. 

Iron or Metal Traces

If you notice that your water has a strange metallic taste to it, then this probably means you have contaminants in your water such as iron or copper. Rusty pipes running through your system usually cause these metallic buildups, and could even leave your water turning red or brown. Filters or replacements might be necessary for your home.

If you notice the water in your home tastes strange, Easterday-Wilson Water Services can help. We treat countless water quality problems and eliminate common water contaminants on a daily basis. Call us at 301-831-5170 for additional information and schedule your free water evaluation today.

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