Well Drilling & Hydro Fracturing

Our expertise in wells is deep

Easterday-Wilson Water Services is the leading well drilling company in western and central Maryland. We have been drilling wells for more than 85 years and our track record speaks for itself.

What kind of well do you need?

That’s the first, and most important, question we ask. 

From small, domestic water wells to large diameter projects reaching depths of 1,000 feet – we do it all:

Domestic water

Private wells that provide water to a residence.


Wells connected to a sprinkler or irrigation system for use outside of a home or commercial property.

Test wells

Wells used to assess the volume of groundwater, while collecting data for the design of additional wells.

Monitoring wells

Small diameter wells used to analyze groundwater level and quality.

Monitoring wells

Small diameter wells used to analyze groundwater level and quality.

Industrial wells

Wells used in major industrial settings, such as power plants, hydroelectric plants, ore and oil refineries, and manufacturing plants.

Municipal wells

Groundwater supply wells for city and/or county usage.

Geothermal wells

Systems that tap into the Earth’s natural and consistent heat source, using it to provide heating and cooling for residential homes and commercial properties. Available in open and closed loop configurations.

Whether you’re drilling a well on your property for the first time, or if your existing well needs inspection, we have the water well experts to provide you the services you need. 

We invest in state-of-the-art equipment and our team is nationally certified in their respective drilling categories. Our drillers have their Maryland Masters Drilling License and we have Master and Journeyman licenses in Virginia and West Virginia. In addition, we’re licensed to drill in Pennsylvania.

Hydro Fracturing

Hydro fracturing increases the amount of water in existing dry and low yield water wells.

Hydro fracturing injects high-pressure water into bedrock in an existing well. This increases the number and size of fractures in the bedrock and cleans them out, allowing them to connect with water-bearing fractures in the area. After hydro fracturing, water will flow into once dry or underperforming wells at a faster rate.

Video water well inspections with WEL-CAM 

We can offer full color, video inspections of your wells, well casings, boreholes, and monitoring wells. If your well needs inspection or repairs, our video service will allow you to fully evaluate the issue before spending money on unnecessary repairs.  Each inspection is recorded and presented to you on a DVD for future reference.

Service when you need it 

We offer you service 7 days a week and WEL-CAM preventative maintenance services. If you’re pulling a pump, drilling a new well, or performing downhole service or repairs, our WEL-CAM service offers you a clear picture of your well.

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