Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) is a steerable, trenchless process used to install subterranean cable, conduits, and pipe with minimal impact to the surrounding landscape.

The process is achieved with a compact drill operated by a minimal crew. An electronically wired drill head allows the operator to track its course along a predesigned path and make appropriate adjustments. The drill bit is followed by a liquid solution that reinforces the hole. After the path is created, a reamer is sent back through to prepare the hole for piping.

Multiple applications include the placement of water lines, electric, gas mains, fiber optic cables, and utility lines, as well as geothermal ground loop installs.

Because this method requires drilling down into the earth and across your property, and allows for lines to be placed in areas where obstacles previously prevented them, it is often used in the following scenarios:

  • Under roadways
  • Under railroads
  • Under waterways
  • Highly trafficked and congested areas
  • Landscaped properties

Best of all, it’s cost-effective. Here are just three ways directional drilling can prevent your budget from going sideways:

  1. It’s unobtrusive: Traditional digging methods can be incredibly disruptive. Directional drilling services do not disturb the ground surface or any nearby structures and are typically isolated to points of entry and exit. For the most part, horizontal drilling can allow your day-to-day activities to proceed unencumbered. That means your workload won’t take a hit, and neither will your bottom line.
  2. It’s faster: Directional drilling services are technically quicker than traditional digging methods. There is less dirt and debris to replace, bury, and/or dispose of and fewer team members are required to operate the drilling equipment. These concessions, alone, shave considerable dollar signs off of your bill.
  3. It’s easier: Because horizontal drilling causes less of a disturbance overall, there are frequently fewer – if any – permits required. Not only does this mean lower costs upfront, but approval is often expedited – which means your job gets started sooner and completed ahead of schedule.

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