Low water pressure can be bothersome and frustrating to deal with, especially if you rely on a well system for your water supply. Luckily, a common solution to this problem is to install a constant pressure pump in your well system! This upgrade can help increase water pressure, boost efficiency, and offer a more reliable source of water for your household.

So, here is how constant pressure pumps work, why they are a popular choice for well systems, and how they can help address low water pressure issues.

What is a Constant Pressure Pump?

A constant pressure pump is a system that is designed to maintain a consistent water pressure level in your home. Instead of relying on a traditional pressure tank, which can create pressure fluctuations when the water level gets low, a constant pressure pump has a variable speed motor that adjusts the pump speed to match your household’s water needs. This means that no matter how much water you use, you will always have consistent water pressure in your home.

Why Choose a Constant Pressure Pump for Well Systems?

Well systems can sometimes suffer from low water pressure due to any kind of inability to maintain consistent water levels in the tank. Traditional well pumps can kick on and off frequently, creating an inconsistent water flow that leads to low pressure. A constant pressure pump, on the other hand, can keep the pump running continuously and adjust the motor speed based on household demand. This continuous flow of water ensures that the pressure level remains stable, even if several water fixtures are in use at once.

Benefits of a Constant Pressure Pump

Aside from the improved water pressure, a constant pressure pump offers several additional benefits. 

  • First, it is more energy-efficient than traditional well pump systems because it uses a variable speed motor that adjusts based on household demand. This energy efficiency also leads to cost savings on your energy bill. 
  • Additionally, constant pressure pumps are designed to be quiet, so you won’t hear the pump turning on and off frequently. 
  • Finally, a few modern constant pressure pump models come with a variety of added features, such as alarm systems that alert you in case of potential issues before they cause significant damage. Just ensure your constant pressure system is installed by a professional

Constant Pressure Well Pumps in Mount Airy, MD

Do you have the low-pressure blues? Easterday-Wilson offers constant pressure well pumps from Grundfos, Franklin Electric, and Goulds. Don’t settle for a dribble when you can have a gusher! Call our professional team to help you diagnose and solve your well water problems.

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