Is your bathroom besought by sputtering faucets? Sad, dribbling shower heads?

If your home operates on a private well, it may be time to consider a professionally installed constant pressure system. These systems can provide a strong, even flow, even when multiple appliances are being used at the same time.

Here’s How It Works

Conventional systems only have two settings: on and off. With these traditional systems, your pump only kicks in once water pressure has dropped below a certain level, prompting a refill. The pump then gets to work until levels have reached a designated cutoff – around 60 PSI in most cases. This constant starting and stopping can be a serious drain – pun intended – on your pump. Not only that, but when multiple appliances are being used simultaneously, pressure fluctuations occur. The result? Weaker flows, longer recharge times, and ultimately a worn out pump thanks to the constant back and forth.

A variable frequency constant pressure system, however, activates the moment your water pressure drops by just a few PSI. It then speeds up or slows down as needed to provide a steady supply of water.

Because constant pressure systems only run when needed, energy is saved. Many homeowners notice a significant change in their utility bills.

Additional benefits of a professionally installed constant pressure system include:

  • A consistent, forceful stream of water regardless of how many appliances are being used.
  • A controller that actively monitors water usage in your home.
  • Reduced wear and tear on your pump.
  • Reduced clutter with a space-saving tank.
  • Lower energy bills.
  • Improved automatic sprinkler system coverage.
  • Versatility – systems can be used for both private wells and municipal water systems.

Of course, low pressure can be caused by a number of factors, including low well levels, and it is best to consult with a water systems professional to determine the best course of action for your home.

Still, if you’ve been considering moving to the big city just to take a decent shower, don’t pack your bags just yet.

Easterday-Wilson Water Services regularly installs Grundfos Smart Flo SQE, Gould Aquavar, and Franklin SubDrive constant pressure systems for customers to improve the way water flows in their homes. Call us today at 301-831-5170 to learn more about these systems or request a free quote online.