Winter Storm Water Pollution

Winter storms are common during the winter months. And these storms can lead to many things: slippery roads, downed power lines, and even worse. With all the winter storms we’ve been getting here in Mount Airy, MD, it’s important to know how they can affect your water quality. After heavy weather conditions, here are all the issues you could run into with your home’s water quality. 

Freezing Rain

When it rains heavily during these times, some areas may not be able to handle the increased flow from runoff or stormwater into their sewage systems. That could lead to overflow on the streets or seeping into basements where it can come in contact with drinking water sources like wells and underground streams. 

Pollution From Road Salt

The salt and sand spread on the roads as part of winter storm preparation can seep into nearby waterways. This could lead to higher chloride levels in your water supply, which could cause health problems over time. Along with this comes increased turbidity (cloudiness) in your water due to runoff from melting snow or slushy roadways.

Damage to Gutters

Sometimes, the weight of all that snow will put stress on your gutters, causing them to leak or overflow onto the ground and into your septic system. These leaks then contaminate any nearby water sources, including groundwater and surface runoff, leading to some unsavory health issues.  

Freezing Temperatures

When precipitation falls as liquid and freezes on contact with ground or surfaces, it creates ice crystals that collect pollutants like bacteria, soil particles, oil residue from cars, and chemicals into one large frozen mass. And once that melts, similar to the issues with freezing rain, it will run off into water sources! 

But not to worry! If you’re concerned about any of these pollutants getting into your water supply or well water, the best action to take is to invest in the right filtration system! Easterday-Wilson Water Services offers professional installation and maintenance of well water treatment and filtration services.

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