Why Is My Well Water Making Me Itch?

Young woman scratching her itchy hand. Concept skin problem

Have you recently installed a groundwater well for your home to reduce utility costs but have been experiencing itchy and dry skin due to using this source of water? If you have tackled the well installation project on your own, then there may have been a few things you have forgotten, like having your well water tested for contaminants. Here are a few reasons you and your family may experience itchy and dry skin and what you can do to improve your water issues.

Microbial Contamination

You may be experiencing skin irritations when using your well water because it may be contaminated with bacteria or viruses. As you may be aware, constant exposure to microbes can be hazardous to your family’s health. In this worst-case scenario, you’ll want to make sure you get your water inspected right away if you suspect you may have a microbial issue!

Organic Chemical, Synthetic, and Volatile Organic Chemical Compounds

Organic chemicals, synthetic, and volatile organic chemical compounds can also cause skin irritations even in minor or trace amounts. These types of chemicals can also cause hard water, which can also cause dry and itchy skin. Not only that, but it could lead to wrinkles on your skin and worsen acne. 

Inorganic Compounds

A variety of inorganic compounds can also cause hard water and well water issues that lead to skin irritations. Similar to organic and synthetic compounds, prolonged exposure will not only make skin constantly itchy and dry but will also cause other health hazards for everyone in your home. 

What You Should Do

The best course of action is first to learn what types of contaminants are present in your water by having your groundwater well tested. When you do, contact the friendly professionals here at Easterday-Wilson Water Services, LLC! We offer several decades’ worth of well water testing and treatment expertise and can help you resolve all your well water issues.

So, when searching for a highly reputable and reliable company you can trust for help, we are the ones to contact. Call or visit us online at https://www.ew-water.com today.

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