Why Is My Water Flow Low?

Low water pressure is a hassle to deal with, especially when it messes with your daily schedule by affecting your showers and faucets. It could either be easy to narrow down the issue or hard. No matter what, having a professional come in and take a look is your best course of action. In the meantime, here are some of the top reasons why your water pressure is so low.

Water Meter Valve Not Fully Opened

Like the main shutoff valve, your water meter valve is a primary water source and often affects water pressure. However, this part belongs to the city. So, you won’t be able to tamper with this part, but a professional can help with any emergency plumbing issues coming from here. They’ll be able to check whether or not it needs to be adjusted. You’ll know this is the leading cause if your neighbors are having problems too. 

Issues With Aerator Screen

This part is the little mesh screen that sits at the end of your faucet, helping control water flow! This screen also helps with water conservation. But if it ends up clogged, it will decrease your stream. Luckily, it’s an easy fix. A technician can come in and help clean out this area fairly quickly. 


If you’re experiencing leaks anywhere in your plumbing system, it could easily cause low water flow. Not only does it create pressure issues, but it also could bring potentially dangerous water damage to areas in your home. Check underneath your water appliances, cabinets, or keep an eye out for water stains on your ceiling or walls, as these can be clear signs of water damage.  

Corroded Water Pipes

If all the above causes aren’t the source of your issue, you could be dealing with an even bigger problem than you realize. It could be that your water pipes are corroded or clogged! This will cause water to build up in one area of the pipeline, reducing water flow and maybe leading to burst pipes. And then once you have a burst pipe, low water pressure won’t be your only concern. 

Water Services in Mount Airy, MD 

Often, it’s best to leave the hard steps to professionals. Easterday-Wilson has the knowledge and experience to help you solve any of the issues above. Not only that, but through our constant pressure well pumps and booster pump systems, you can use your washing machine, take a shower, and run the dishwasher simultaneously!

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