Have you noticed a strange, metallic taste in your water? This is a common problem, and it can be frustrating to deal with, especially when all you want is a fresh glass of water. There are several reasons why this may happen, so our team at Easterday-Wilson Water Services is here to walk you through some of the most common causes for that metal-like taste and the systems we provide that will help.

Old Pipes

Sometimes that metallic taste is because of the old pipes that carry water to your home. Old metal pipes may corrode over time and leave deposits behind, which will affect the taste of the water.


Iron can cause a bad or metallic taste in your water. Iron in water causes red or brown stains and can be found in most wells. Iron can be present in two different ways: Ferrous (clear) and Ferric (red). The type you have will determine the equipment needed to remove it. Treatments include Ion Exchange Resin (water softener), Oxidation with filter media, or replaceable element type filters.


Acidic water can increase metal levels in your water to an unsafe level. The water taste will also be affected by acidic water, which will have a metallic taste. Acidic water causes green or blue stains caused by the deterioration of plumbing and components of plumbing in your home. This effect will cause leaks and also damage appliances. 

The equipment needed to correct the acidity will depend on the water’s PH, alkalinity, and TDS. The most common treatments are acid neutralizers with calcium carbonate, soda ash (sodium carbonate), and caustic (sodium hydroxide).


Another common cause is the buildup of minerals in your home’s plumbing system from hard water, leaving behind an unpleasant taste and odor when you use tap water or shower with its hot water. Mineral deposits on the inside of your pipes or an old-fashioned lead pipe connecting the service can lead to a metallic taste and even hard water. 

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