Why Are Abandoned Wells Unsafe?

Abandoned wells are one of the biggest threats to homeowners. Not only do they serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes, but they also present potential dangers to humans and animals alike. These wells are often found in rural areas where people have been moving away from them over time, leading to an accumulation of trash and debris that’s unsafe for anyone who might be living nearby. Besides these reasons, there are many other causes for concern when it comes to abandoned wells.

Soil Issues 

One reason for concern is that the soil around the well will shift and settle over time, leading to cracks in the well casing or foundation. This may cause water from rain and snowmelt to seep into these openings and come up through your basement floor or other rooms in your home. If you have an abandoned well on your property, call a professional who can assess its condition for potential safety hazards.

Hazardous Grounds

It could be very dangerous to walk near an abandoned well, as you could find yourself getting seriously injured. An abandoned well could have been dug in the wrong location or have fallen into disrepair over time. Either way, they’re not safe for anyone who ventures near them.

Could Cause Contaminated Water

An abandoned well is a potential threat to your home’s water. A water system can be polluted by any contaminants that find their way into the ground and eventually come in contact with the water supply. Some of these threats include bacteria, nitrates, heavy metals, and petroleum products. 

If you have an abandoned well on your property, it’s best to contact a professional who can help seal off the well so that it doesn’t pose any further threats to your home or family. And the team here at Easterday-Wilson is ready to step up to the plate! 

Contact Us For All Your Well Sealing Needs 

Easterday-Wilson Water Services is an expert at sealing and decommissioning wells to avoid potential safety hazards and groundwater contamination. If you suspect you have an unused or abandoned well on your property, we can help. Call us at 301-831-5170 to learn more.

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