What is Hard Water?

Hard water is a big issue in many households. However, it’s not often homeowners stop to ponder what it is exactly. Well, either many people don’t know what hard water is, or they may be aware of it but not understand the consequences. Here is a basic rundown of the issue, how it’s caused, and how to fix it. 

So, What is Hard Water?

First off, what does “hard” mean? Hardness refers to the concentration of calcium and magnesium in the water. As these minerals dissolve into the water, they form solid compounds that create deposits on fixtures such as dishwashers, pipes, and showers. This can make it challenging to use for things like washing clothes or dishes because the mineral particles will clog up your plumbing pipes over time. 

How is Hard Water Created?

This kind of water issue could have been caused by many things such as having high concentrations of these minerals naturally or because of runoff from roads carrying them into rivers or lakes, which then gets into your water system and isn’t properly filtered out. Though it occurs naturally often, it’s when you lack the proper protective equipment that it infects your home. 

How to Fix The Problem

The presence of these minerals makes it difficult for soap to create suds, hence making it harder to wash with. It also causes unpleasant tastes in food cooked with this type of water because the high mineral content alters their chemical composition, so you’ll want it fixed ASAP. 

With the installation of a Water Softener, staining can be eliminated, soap or detergent can be reduced, and precipitated mineral build-up in appliances will be destroyed. And we here at Easterday-Wilson can help with that! 

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If you are experiencing worrisome signs of hard water in your home, Easterday-Wilson Water Services can help. We treat myriad water quality problems and eliminate common water contaminants on a daily basis. Call us at 301-831-5170 for additional information and schedule your free water evaluation today.

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