Ways To Make Drinking Water More Fun

Everyone needs to get an adequate amount of water a day. For men, that’s about 15 cups, and for women, that’s about 11. It might seem like that’s a lot, but drinking more water has been shown to increase productivity, keep you healthy, and clear your skin. So, for those who find getting this daily intake difficult, here are some ways to make drinking water more fun:

Motivational Bottles

Did you know that they make reusable water bottles that have marks along the side, keeping track of your water drinking progress throughout the day? They are made to motivate you a bit more, keeping your focus on the end goal of drinking as much liquid as you need to. Plus, they are environmentally friendly since you can reuse them every day!

Add Fruit

Adding some fresh fruit to your glass of water is a great way to spruce things up for a change! It makes getting your daily hydration intake tastier as well, especially for those who can’t seem to get past the very bland taste of water. Not only that, but you can add more antioxidants and vitamins to your diet by adding more fruit into your drinks now and then.

Switch to Carbonated Water

For a little bubbly fun, switch out your regular water with carbonated water every once in a while. Invest in ones that only have natural flavoring and no artificial sweeteners. It also helps to switch to carbonated water if you’re usually more used to drinking soft drinks. The transition will be more comfortable, but instead, you’re getting your properly hydrated and not taking in unhealthy sugars!

Invest in a Water Purifier

If it’s challenging to drink water because the flow from your faucet doesn’t taste the best, or isn’t as fresh, consider investing in a water purification system. It can help either well water or city water coming through; a water filtration system removes impurities from water by using a physical barrier or a chemical or biological process. 

Water Treatment and Filtration in Mount Airy, MD

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