How often do you forget to water your plants? Whether it’s because you’re busy at work or simply aren’t used to caring for flora, the result can be the same: droopy, wilted, yellowed, and unhappy houseplants. But don’t worry—a little bit of preventative care can go a long way to keeping your plants looking great!

Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can keep your house plants alive and well by following these simple watering tips.

How Often Should You Water Your Plants?

The frequency with which you water your plants depends upon what type of plant you have. Foliage plants, such as spider plants and Schefflera, should be watered thoroughly but infrequently. 

Watering too often or too heavily can cause roots to rot or get leggy (long). Cacti and succulents need little water, especially during winter when they go dormant; their soil should dry out slightly between watering.

Things Not To Do

If you have a faucet aerator (the little screen over your sink or tub), take it off before rinsing. Water coming out of an aerator is stronger than that flowing from a faucet, so when water with built-up minerals is forced through it, mineral deposits can clog your plant’s pores and leaves. If you don’t have an aerator, let the water run for a minute before adding any to your pot.

What Type of Water Should You Use?

There are basically two types of water to choose from: tap and bottled. Tap water has many benefits over bottled, including cost and zero waste factor; however, it can be chlorinated and contain heavy metals such as lead. 

If you have any concerns about your tap water or aren’t sure if it is high quality, consider investing in well water treatment and filtration services to remove impurities.

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