It’s very easy to put your well at the bottom of your important items list. However, water is an essential resource for any household. But it’s also a scarce and valuable resource, so if you’re unsure if your water well might be running dry or is having problems, then you should look at these warning signs to see if there are other reasons why this may be happening.

Strange Taste

It might seem like an odd connection, but a common sign that your well has gone dry is if you start to notice that your water’s taste is off. This is because when water levels get low, it can affect the quality as extra sediment or other dissolved substances sitting at the bottom start to come through.

Muddy or Murky Water

Do you notice that your water is no longer crystal clear but a muddy and murky mess? Similar to the above-mentioned issue, it’s another clear indicator that H2O levels are starting to get a little dry. Gross water can, in fact, be a sign of many different issues — don’t ignore it! Contact a professional well expert to take a look. 

The Pump is Running Longer

Your pump is one of the most important aspects of your well. The longer it runs, the harder it’s working on trying to build up pressure to push the water out. Once you notice that your pump is running longer than it usually does, it can indicate that water levels are low and that the system is operating overtime to try and provide H2O to your home. 

Sputtering Faucets 

Sputtering faucets are more than just an annoyance — it’s a sign that there is air in your plumbing system. Where would this air come from? Although it could indicate a pipe leak or weakened check valves, if these aren’t the underlying causes, then perhaps it’s due to low water levels in your well. 

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