Unlucky Home Water Issues

Water issues for your home can come suddenly and always with bad timing. These unlucky problems come with a number of causes and effects to worry about. But, don’t stress too much. If you catch them quickly or take preventative measures, your good luck might start to outweigh the bad. Here are some common unlucky home water issues and what you can do to fix them. 

Unlucky Issues:

  • Iron 
  • Acid
  • Hard Water
  • Radon
  • Strange Odors

How To Fix Your Luck:

  • Iron: If you notice your water is coming out a red/brown color, you could be dealing with an iron issue. It can also cause a bad or metallic taste in your water. Treatments include Iron Exchange Resin (water softener), oxidation with filter media, or replaceable element type filters.
  • Acid: When your water gets acidic, you’ll notice hues of blue and green in your water. This happens when your plumbing systems start to deteriorate. The equipment needed to correct the acidity will depend on the PH, alkalinity and TDS of the water. From there, your options would be an acid neutralizer with calcium carbonate, a soda ash (sodium carbonate), or caustic (sodium hydroxide) treatment. 
  • Hard Water: Any kind of increase in calcium, iron, magnesium, or manganese can lead to hard water. You’ll see chalky red, brown, or white stains in your water system. With the installation of a water softener, staining can be eliminated, soap or detergent can be reduced, and precipitated mineral build up in appliances will be eliminated.
  • Radon: Not many people know about radon, but it is a colorless and odorless radioactive gas that can enter your system. It occurs during the breakdown of soil or rocks. There are two solutions to this problem. 1.) Aeration treatment – spraying water or mixing it with air and then venting the air from the water before use, or 2.) GAC treatment – filtering water through granular activated carbon. Radon attaches to the carbon and leaves the water free of radon.
  • Strange Odors: You could have hydrogen sulfide or bacteria in your water if it smells of rotten eggs! Oxidation, chlorine injection, ultra-violet sterilization and carbon filters are the most common treatments.

If you’re facing any of these issues, Easterday-Wilson Water Services can help. We treat countless water quality problems and eliminate common water contaminants on a daily basis. Call us at 301-831-5170 for additional information and schedule your free water evaluation today.

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