Transitioning Your Well From Winter To Spring

As we get closer to transitioning over to spring, will you have to prepare your well for the change in season? Every different weather pattern brings new, potential issues for your well. Regular maintenance every year and season is the key to keeping your well and well water quality lasting for decades to come. Here are some essential tips:

Check on Your System

No matter if you kept your well in use this winter or shut it down, a checkup is essential for your system. Look to see if there’s:

  • Cracks in the well casting
  • The well cap is tilted
  • Exposed wires
  • Pipe fissures

And if you find any of these problems for your system, make sure you give a professional technician a call! You’ll want no issues in your system during the transition into spring.

Maintenance You Can Handle

Besides checking for any of the above issues, you also can perform some basic maintenance jobs. These are the everyday chores you should be doing:

  • Check and change water filters: Make sure that your treatment filters are working correctly and doing their job, and if not, replace the filters. 
  • Flush and fill system: If you didn’t use your system in winter, it’s time to give it a good flush before regular use again. It’s as simple as running a few faucets in your home once it’s turned back on again.
  • Schedule well maintenance and checkup appointments: It’s essential to get your system checked for bacteria and nitrates, as these microbes could have grown during winter. Also, a professional should come in to make sure the system was appropriately thawed and ready to use again if you shut it down for the cold season. 

Well Service in Mount Airy, MD

If you’re looking for someone you can trust to take a look at your well before spring, Easterday-Wilson Water Services can help. We treat countless water quality problems and eliminate common water contaminants daily. Call us at 301-831-5170 for additional information and schedule your free water evaluation today.

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