The holiday season is upon us! From festive decorations to lively music, there’s no doubt that you’re beginning to feel the spirit of the season. However, with this holiday time also comes a bit of stress. For some, it’s because of shopping; for others, it’s event planning — but when was the last time you stopped to think about how much water you tend to use around this period?

Even though with the help of a well, you won’t have to worry too much about a water bill, it’s still good not to waste too much. From replacing your well pump to maintaining the system, it can be costly if you’re not careful. Our team here at Easterday-Wilson has some quick tips to ensure that you have a water-efficient celebration this year to avoid unnecessary waste or higher bills! 

Real Vs. Fake Tree

Do you prefer having a real Christmas tree in your home or an easy-to-assemble, fake one? If you do get a real pine tree, keep in mind the appropriate amount of water needed to keep it healthy. Generally, they should be watered with one quart of water per inch of diameter of how it was cut once a day. 

Check For Well Pump Issues Before Guests Arrive

The last thing you want to deal with is not having water in your home while all your guests are over for the holidays! Ensure you get a maintenance check on your well as soon as possible to avoid any major issues or wasted water. It would be a nightmare to have water leaking out of your system rather than into your home. 

Avoid Running Your Tap

This rule is a classic. Whether brushing your teeth or washing dishes, try not to overrun your tap this holiday season. Especially if you’re going to have more people at your house, make sure all your guests are aware of your plans for a water-efficient season! 

Thaw Frozen Food in the Refridgerator

Did you know that you can easily save H2O by avoiding running frozen food under the hot water tap to thaw it? Plan ahead for all your holiday cooking and ensure that nothing is left for the last minute. 

Contact Us For The Best in Groundwater Well Maintenance

If you’re looking for someone you can trust to repair, maintain, or test your well to ensure it’s safe and working as it should be, Easterday-Wilson Water Services can help. Our professional service crews have the knowledge and ability to fix all of your water issues. 

Call us at 301-831-5170 for additional information and schedule your free water evaluation today.

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