It’s a hassle to deal with a well pump system that is acting up, but it happens and can cause quite a ruckus! Make sure this issue is addressed quickly because a poorly functioning pump can lead to serious water damage, not to mention energy bills that are larger than they should be. 

Our well water experts here at Easterday-Wilson are here to go over the signs you should look out for that indicate that it might be time to replace your well pump system. 

Changes in Water Pressure

Once you start to notice changes in your water pressure, it could be an obvious sign that your well pump isn’t functioning properly. Whether it’s fluctuations or your whole home is having trouble running water right, you should call a professional in to take a look! They are able to help determine if the issue is due to your well pump and get you a replacement ASAP. 

Strange Noises From the Pump

Are you hearing strange noises coming from your well pump? It may be time to replace it. Listen for any grinding, squeaking, screeching, or clicking noises, as these are common signs that something inside of the pump may have broken and is grinding against another part. If there are loud vibrations in the water tank when pumping water, this can also be an indication that your well pump needs replacing.

Your Pump is Constantly Running

If you notice your pump is constantly running and your water pressure has decreased, it may be time for a new pump. Chances are, your old well pump is struggling to keep up with the demand of supplying water to your home.

Higher Utility Bills

No one wants to see that their utility bills have skyrocketed all of a sudden! Suppose you’ve noticed a trend in your energy bill, for example, where it’s been steadily increasing month after month, and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason behind it on top of the signs mentioned earlier. In that case, this could indicate that your current well pump is on its way out.

Contact Us For Well Pump Repair & Maintenance

Water pumps are mechanical, and as such, they require maintenance to keep them operating. And sometimes, they fail. Contact the experts at Easterday-Wilson Water Services for the best advice and water pump selection when you need to buy or replace your well’s water pump.

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