We’re heading into the warmer seasons, meaning that our homes will soon require some cooling systems to keep us comfortable during the summer heat. And did you know that there is a more eco-friendly, renewable, and cost-effective alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems? They are called geothermal ground loops — an all-in-one source for geothermal energy! 

We at Easterday-Wilson are here to break down what exactly this system is, how it works, and the many benefits of investing in one. 

What Is a Geothermal Ground Loop

A geothermal system circulates water or antifreeze through a loop of underground pipes and into a building. This ground loop acts as a series of pipes buried underground at a depth that allows temperatures to stay consistent year-round. It will serve as the critical link between geothermal heating pumps.

How Geothermal Ground Loops Work

During the heating cycle, a geothermal system uses the earth loop to extract heat from the ground. As the system pulls heat from the loop, it distributes it as warm air through a conventional duct system. The same heat energy can also be used for a radiant floor system or domestic hot water heating. 

A geothermal system airs your home by reversing the heating process into cooling mode. Instead of extracting heat from the ground, it is extracted from your home and either moved back in the earth loop or used to preheat the water in your hot water tank. Once the heat is removed from the air, it is distributed through the duct system in your home.

Benefits of Geothermal Ground Loops

Since the fluid in the loops is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, the heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work as hard as other HVAC systems.

If you are looking for a new energy source to heat and cool your home, it’s time to consider geothermal. It is a natural and non-polluting alternative to traditional fuel services. Because groundwater temperature remains consistent all year round, harnessing its cooling and heating properties can provide year-round comfort for your home.

Types of Geothermal Ground Loops

There are various types of geothermal systems to choose from, including: 

  • Horizontal loops
  • Vertical loops
  • Slinky loops
  • Pond loops
  • Open loops

Contact Us For All-Encompassing Geothermal Comfort

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