How Fall Leaves Can Affect Your Water Quality

Autumn leaves on the ground

The Effects of Fall Leaves on Water Quality

For some people, the arrival of fall marks the beginning of an exciting, festivity-filled season. As the leaves start to change colors and, shortly after, fall off the trees, they also begin to clog up our gutters and affect our water quality. 

That said, how exactly can autumn leaves affect water quality?

Leaf Debris

The moment fallen leaves start accumulating on the ground, they form massive amounts of leaf litter, often referred to as organic debris. 

When loaded with rainwater, these accumulations can transfer substances like phosphorus and nitrogen into the ground. In addition, the excess of chemical elements can slowly make its way into your well, thus leading to major quality issues such as algae growth in your water supply. 

Remember to always rake or sweep the leaves away from storm drains and out of the street to keep the drains from clogging during storms.

Protect Your Well From Autumn Leaves

One of the first steps you can take to avoid your water being contaminated by leaf debris is to regularly clean up the leaves on your property’s grounds. Make sure you move them to an area far away from your well.

Water Filtration Systems 

The best solution to ensure your water quality is not affected by organic debris is investing in a whole house water filtration system. These systems remove impurities from water by using either physical barriers or chemical and biological processes, ensuring that only high-quality, pure water comes out of your tap, shower, and water-dependent appliances. 

Water Services in Maryland

Easterday-Wilson has always been a family affair. Located in Mount Airy, Maryland, we have over 85 years of experience in the groundwater industry, which allows us to provide our customers with the highest level of service. We have the knowledge and ability to fix all your water issues.

Water treatment and filtration, well repair and maintenance, and booster pump systems are only a few of the services and installations we offer. Schedule a free in-home water test today if you suspect that your water may have impurities in it!

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