Summer can be one of the best times of the year, but it can also pose risks to your well water system if you’re not careful. When temperatures start to rise, there are ways to protect your well from problems. 

The key is knowing what summer can do to your well water system and the best ways to avoid problems before they occur. Here are some tips on how summer affects your well, plus what you can do about it.

Issues Due to Excessive Heat

As we see with tap water, water from natural sources like wells can experience similar problems due to excessive heat. In summer, demand for well water increases as people rely on their private supply for lawn watering and pool filling — instead of municipal water.

The problem is that while you may be able to turn off your taps in times of extreme heat, you don’t have that luxury when it comes to your well. So if there’s a drop in groundwater levels because of some summer weather conditions, you could see increased turbidity (cloudiness) and bacterial contamination in your water.

Check for Signs of Contamination

Warm weather also leads to more frequent rainfall, and if it’s coming from contaminated soil or standing puddles, that rainwater could make its way into your well. Rain can bring harmful bacteria, lead, and other contaminants that could impact your water supply.

Time, Energy, and Money Savings

In the summer, due to the above issues, you could find that your water bills may have increased. Whether running your water longer until it’s not cloudy anymore or utilizing it for outdoor activities such as watering plants or filling your pool, a lot of water will be used. 

You don’t have to avoid using water at all costs — just be a little more mindful of how you use it. Avoiding long showers and not doing load after load of laundry can definitely help save you money on both energy and water bills. Also, ensure that your home’s outdoor faucets are turned off when not in use. This will reduce energy consumption.

Preventative Measures

The easiest way to maintain pristine water quality and energy efficiency is through filtration — either before or after your water reaches your home. A good filtration system can reduce sediment, chlorine, and other contaminants that could potentially be problematic for your well.

Water Services in Mount Airy, MD 

Often, it’s best to leave the hard steps to professionals. Easterday-Wilson has the knowledge and experience to help you solve any of the issues above. Not only that, but through our booster pump systems, you can use your washing machine, take a shower, and run the dishwasher simultaneously!

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