Hot Water Issues That Happen In Winter

Taking an icy cold shower in the middle of winter doesn’t sound like a fun homeowner situation! Unfortunately, when issues arise for your water heater, it can often be because of colder temperatures. Seasonal maintenance is the key to keeping your system running smoothly. There are a few reasons why this occurs and how you can best take care of it before you need to take another cold shower. 


If you notice that some of the pipes on your water heater are leaking, you might be dealing with a loose or defective valve. This is because, many times, intake pipes tend to shift or break during a dramatic temperature change. Depending on the severity level, these leaks can either be fixed quickly or require a new appliance altogether. Still, you should always call on a professional to come to take a look. 

Increase In Energy Bills

No one wants to deal with an increase in bills, especially if you have not changed your usual energy consumption routine. If you notice an unusual increase in your utility bill, it could be because your water heater cannot produce warm water as it should be. If the water your system is holding keeps getting cold, it takes more energy to heat everything back up again, leading to an uptick in bills as you try to stay warm this winter. Proper insulation is the best way to fix this, so make sure you have a technician come in and make sure everything is ready for the rest of this season. 


Rust can be a clear sign of old age on a water heater, but it’s sometimes normal to see. However, once you start to notice that it’s getting out of hand and covering most of the pipes, it could be time for a new system. That rust could likely have already seeped into your tank or lines, which can lead to breaks and leaks. If you need help deciding what kind of upgrade will work best for you, our professionals can help you!

Often, it’s best to leave the hard steps to professionals. Easterday-Wilson has the knowledge and experience to help you plan for your winter and protect your hot water. Call us at 301-831-5170 for additional information and schedule your free water evaluation today.

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