How frustrating is it when you turn on the faucet or shower and barely get any water flow?! Low water pressure in your house is a common problem, but fortunately, there are many ways to solve it. If you’re a well owner and suffer from low water pressure, our professional team is here to guide you through the best ways to increase it and permanent solutions to this common problem. 

1. Check The Pressure Tank Size

One way to increase your home’s water pressure is to ensure that the pressure tank is the appropriate size. A pressure tank is used to store water and keep the water pressure constant. If the tank is too small, you’ll find yourself frequently running out of water, and if the tank is too large, it can cause the water to become stagnant. Consult with a plumber or water specialist on the correct size of tank that will suit your family’s needs.

2. Inspect The Well Pump

Another cause of low water pressure could be your well pump. The pump sends water to your pressure tank, which in turn provides water to your home. If the pump is malfunctioning or running poorly, then it won’t send enough water to your home. Check the pressure switch to ensure it is functioning correctly. Any signs of lime or debris in the pressure switch need to be cleaned out as they can also impede its operation.

3. Drain Your Pipes

The buildup of sediment in your pipes can cause low water pressure. You can drain your pipes to get rid of the buildup. This entails shutting off the main valve and then turning on all the taps in the house until the water stops coming through. If you have any sediment filters in your household plumbing, they will need to be cleared or replaced to ensure the water flows freely.

4. Clean Your Faucets

The faucets that have low water flow can also be to blame. You should check your faucets for any type of buildup, especially if your taps are old. You can remove any mineral deposits or corrosion by soaking the faucet in vinegar or other cleaning solutions for a few hours. If this fails to fix the issue, new faucets or showerheads with more effective water pressure can be installed with ease.

5. Get Professional Advice

If none of these tactics seem to be working, it’s recommended that you consult a professional well specialist or plumber. Our experienced professionals will inspect your well and systems to locate the source of the problem and suggest the best way forward.

Constant Pressure Well Pumps in Mount Airy, MD

Do you have the low-pressure blues? Easterday-Wilson offers constant pressure well pumps from Grundfos, Franklin Electric, and Goulds. Don’t settle for a dribble when you can have a gusher! Call our professional team to help you diagnose and solve your well water problems.

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