Benefits of Horizontal Drilling

Sometimes you need a new perspective. Or direction, in this case! Horizontal directional drilling, or HDD, is a process to install underground cable, conduits, and pipes that minimizes both the cost for you and the impact on the surrounding landscape. It’s both steerable and trenchless, causing the least amount of impact to the ground surrounding the project. Not sold yet? Well, here are some more benefits of HDD:

Avoid Environmental Upset

As we stated earlier, it is a well-controlled and condensed working project. Our horizontal drilling process will not disturb the ground’s surface or nearby structures and allows day-to-day activity and traffic to continue during the drilling process. It’s most often used in areas such as:

  • Under roadways 
  • Under railroads 
  • Under waterways 
  • In heavily congested and trafficked areas 
  • On landscaped properties

What It’s Used For

There are many everyday uses of horizontal directional drilling, with it being used the most often for water lines, electric, gas mains, fiber optic cables, and utility lines. Here at Easterday-Wilson, we offer comprehensive directional drilling services for multiple applications, including:

  • Replacement of water lines
  • Installation of water lines
  • Installation of electric service
  • Geothermal horizontal ground loop installation

Not only does it offer more durability, but it’s also fairly flexible, with the system being able to be installed almost anywhere. The impenetrable piping is sure to be long-lasting, helping to avoid soil contamination as well. No installation is faster and more efficient than horizontal directional drilling.

Water Services in Mount Airy, MD 

Easterday-Wilson serves clients in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania. Our licensed professionals guarantee safe procedures and swift site restoration.

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