5 Ways to Conserve Water During Fall Season

Water conservation is often discussed during the warmer months; however, what about the rest of the year? From the water experts at Easterday-Wilson in Mount Airy, MD, here are five water conservation tips to consider during autumn.

1. Change Your Sprinkler Timer

As the temperature decreases, your lawn does not require abundant water because the harsh sun is not dehydrating the grass like it did in the summer. We recommend you set your sprinkler to water your plants in the morning and evening, perhaps before and after you go to work. Nonetheless, ensure that your property receives one inch of water weekly during the cooler months.

2. Inspect for Water Leaks

One of the most common ways homeowners unintentionally use a lot of water is by not checking for leaks. However, we know it won’t be you. Check the interior and exterior of your home for damp spots. If there is a crack in the water pipes, the cold air may cause the line to freeze and crack, resulting in further damage. Therefore, as a precaution, keep an eye out for any exposure to reduce water waste and save money.  

3. Insulate Water Pipes

Don’t you hate it when you wash your hands, and it feels like an eternity before you get hot water? We know just the solution – wrap the pipes with insulation tubes. You will get water instantly, leading to conserving water. Another perk is that it helps exposed water pipes from freezing when the temperature declines to under 32 degrees. Not only will you prevent frozen pipes, but you will also reduce heat loss and energy usage.

4. Identify Your Home’s Shut-off Valve

Sometimes, things happen at the worst times, but there are ways to be prepared. In case your home experiences a water leak, make sure to locate your shut-off valve. Knowing where to turn off the H2O could save you hundreds of dollars in the water bill and damage repairs. Moreover, the faster you can stop gallons of water from flowing, the less goes to waste.

5. Install a Water Flow Monitoring System

Did you know that the average American family uses 320 gallons of water daily? To become more cautious of water usage, consider getting a water flow monitoring system to keep track of your household water usage at any time of the day. This device has many benefits, such as the leak detection feature. For instance, if there is an H2O leak, the system will automatically notify you that water usage has significantly increased.

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