We all know the importance of water. It is our most vital resource, but many people do not realize how important it is to filter out harmful chemicals and bacteria entering our drinking water. Drinking clean filtered water will keep you healthier in the long run, so understanding myths about filters is very important before purchasing a system for your home. 

So here are some of the most common water filter myths that we’re ready to debunk: 

Myth 1: Bottled Water Is Always Better Than Tap

In reality, there are more contaminants in bottled water than tap water because the United States government does not regulate bottled water like it does tap water (bottled companies do).

Myth 2: If You Have a Well, You Don’t Need a Water Filter

For some reason, it’s a common misconception that homeowners believe since their well provides fresh, pure water, that they don’t need a filter. Well water can still risk being contaminated by bacteria, lead, mercury, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). A water filtration system is vital no matter where you get your water from.

Myth 3: My Home Has City-Provided Tap Water, No Filter is Needed

Just because you are using city-provided water in your home doesn’t mean it doesn’t run the risk of being contaminated. Same with well water— bacterias, chlorine, VOCs, and more are all capable of getting into the water, which is why a filtration system is beneficial. 

Myth 4: Filters Will Leach Minerals Into Your Water

Some people think that because the filters contain minerals, they will leach them into your drinking water and make it unhealthy. This is not true! The filter removes all of the particles in the water, so there are no solids to leach anything out of.

Myth 5: Water Filters Will Fix All My Water Issues

There are several different options for the treatment of your well water. No single treatment type protects against all issues, and many well users utilize other water treatments to address specific concerns.

And the team here at Easterday-Wilson is here to help you find where your water issue lies and the best solution for it moving forward. 

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