Your water well will be put to the test during the next few winter months. With frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall, your well’s capacity to pump will be greatly reduced. If you’re not prepared for this weather event, then you could find yourself without running water all winter long! 

We here at Easterday-Wilsom have all the facts you’ll need to prepare yourself and your well for the cold. 

1. Your Motor Should Be Checked 

The first tip is to check your pump motor and have it replaced if necessary before the harsh weather sets in. You can’t run a water well without an operating pump, so don’t forget this! 

2. Your Pipes Can Freeze

Another important tip would be to protect your pipes from freezing by wrapping them with insulation or even heating tape during those frigid nights. Professionals can come in and ensure your system is winterized and ready to go. 

3. It’s Essential to Turn Your Electrical Components Off

Ensure that all electrical components are shut off before it gets too cold outside. This includes any pumps or power sources for them and your monitoring system if you have one installed. Failure to do so can lead to expensive repairs and even equipment failure.

4. If You Prepare, Your Well Will Be Safe

If the proper precautions aren’t taken, your well may freeze. In cold climates, groundwater freezes from the top down, so if you have been monitoring your well all summer long, it should not be in danger of freezing. It always helps to have a professional come in to ensure everything is ready for winter. 

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