Watertite or bug proof – well caps protect your homes well from potential contamination.

There are many sources of contamination that can occur from a damaged or non-sealed type well cap. Some examples are:

  • Insects
  • Grass
  • Rodents
  • Insecticides/herbicides

In decades past, well caps were not sealed, which opened the overlay of the cap and the well casing, itself, up to contamination.

Modern well caps, however, utilize a bug proof, O-ring seal in addition to screen venting to prevent bugs and debris from infiltrating the well structure.

Using an outdated or damaged well cap can invite bacterial problems, making your family’s water supply unsafe for consumption.

Protect your water by adhering to these three well cap guidelines:

  • If your existing well cap is not screen vented and watertight, hire a certified water specialist to inspect and chlorinate your well, and install a new cap.
  • Once your well is properly protected, perform a visual inspection of the cap and casing every time you mow the lawn or work outdoors. Some wells are constructed of steel, while others are PVC structures – but all casings can be damaged by rust holes or cracks. Make certain nothing is damaged. Well caps can last years, assuming there is no physical damage.
  • Hire a professional. When it comes to water quality and protection, never attempt to go at it alone. Professional water service crews have the industrial knowledge and expert training required to fix or repair your well. Additionally, the ideal contractor will arrive at your home or property fully equipped with the tools and materials needed to repair any problem cost-effectively and expeditiously.

If your commercial or residential well cap or casing is showing signs of age, Easterday-Wilson Water Services can help.  We offer repairs and replacement parts for all equipment.

Many water contaminants are also invisible to the eye, and undetectable by smell. For that reason, the quality of your well water should be tested regularly to make certain it is free of bacteria, minerals, pollutants, and more. Our team provides state licensed water well testing in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. Call 301-831-5170 today to schedule a free evaluation.